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Cheryl Lunsford

Guitar Diva

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Catch The String Session Lessons!
    - Once a month music sessions for busy people! 
    - New Songs with Tabs, playing tips and more each month!
    - Select the music session that works best for you!
    - No long term music lesson contracts, pay per session lesson!
    - Hands-On instrument in a friendly group setting
    - All instruments welcome!
Reserve your "Session Lessons" today! 540-473-3656
Current 2013 scheduled "Session Lessons" are held
2nd Sunday afternoons of each month from 2:00 - 4:00 .
***Currently held at The Guitar Dojo Studio, but COMING SOON Session Lessons will be offered by Cheryl Lunsford, at the FRET MILL MUSIC, Downtown Roanoke, VA.  Call FRET MILL now for more information!
There's more!
- CWP - Ten minutes of inspiring ideas for the musician.
- Music Gear Reviews and demonstrations
- Question and Answer time with the instructor.
- Jam Time - building music relationships